China arrested three journalists who raised questions over death toll of only four soldiers in Galvan clash

A violent clash between Indian troops and People’s Liberation Army’s soldiers took place last year in the Galvan Valley region of eastern Ladakh. The tension between two bordering countries has escalated after this. China, had earlier denied any casualties in this skirmish. Recently China has officially admitted on friday. Four PLA soldiers were killed by Indian forces in the Galvan clash.

Some Chinese journalists raised questions. Journalists had doubts over the number of PLA soldiers who died. According to several reports that have surfaced. China has arrested three journalists of its own country in response. Moreover the government of Communist Party in China has accused the journalists of insulting the martyrs of PLA.

The Chinese government arrested Qui Jiming along with two other journalists. 38-year-old Qiu, has worked with the Economic Observer. Qui was arrested by Chinese government on Saturday after the figures were released. Notably an American intelligence report claimed that Indian troops killed at least 35 Chinese soldiers.

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Qiu commented on social media over China’s figures. He also questioned the delay in releasing this data. “From India’s perspective, they won and paid less.” He wrote on Chinese social media platform. The government arrested him after that.

As per sources. Chinese government has arrested two other bloggers as well. People’s Liberation Army (commonly known as Chinese Army) on Friday said that Indian troops killed four of its soldiers in that clash. And one soldier died later.