90 Year Old British Woman Becomes the First in World to get Pfizer Vaccine Outside Trial

Britain reported positive news regarding the Corona vaccine. From Tuesday, the vaccination process has started there. In this order a 90-year-old woman got the corona vaccine. The woman hails from Northern Ireland, her name is Margaret Keenan.

Margaret Keenan got the Pfizer/Bio-N-Tech vaccine. Margaret has become the first person in the world to get the vaccine. According to reports, she got the vaccine at University Hospital in Coventry, central Britain.

According to media reports, Margaret Keenan says that she was the first one to be given the vaccine and that she is feeling proud after taking the vaccine. She said that this is a wonderful gift she got a few days before her birthday. She hopes that she will be able to live life as before, as well as meet her family members.

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Margaret Keenan also encouraged others to take the vaccine and said that when she can get the vaccine at the age of 90, others should also get it. However, vaccination is not mandatory in the UK.

Recently, the UK drug regulators gave temporary approval for the emergency use of Pfizer’s vaccine. The vaccination started from Tuesday. A few days ago Pfizer released a report about the vaccine. The report claimed that the vaccine was up to 95% effective in protection against corona. The company said that its vaccine was absolutely safe to use, after which the UK drug regulator approved the use of this vaccine.

Apart from Britain, Bahrain has also approved the Pfizer’s vaccine. Soon people in Bahrain will also be vaccinated. Apart from this, pharmaceutical company ‘Pfizer India’ has also sought permission from the Indian Drug Regulatory Drugs Controller General of India for emergency use of its vaccine in India.

However, in India there are some challenges regarding the Pfizer vaccine. For example, it needs to be stored at minus 70 degree temperature. Apart from this, delivery of this vaccine in India will also be a major challenge. In fact, it would be very difficult to keep the vaccine at minus 70 degrees in small towns or areas far from the city.