74 Million were Infected by Corona Virus by August 2020 in India, Suggests ICMR Survey


The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) conducted the second National Sero-Survey in August in India. According to the survey, about 7.43 crore people of age of 10 years or above got the Coronavirus infection till August. However, most cases were from people living in urban slums. But, even non-slum and rural areas had cases of infection in large numbers.

According to a survey published in the renowned medical Journal, Lancet Global Health, a large population was still very sensitive to COVID-19 infection. The survey involved children of age 10.

The report also suggests that most Indian States will still see the spread of the Virus. According to the report, till vaccine will achieve the herd immunity threshold through vaccination or natural process, the infection will continue to spread

According to the report, ‘by August 2020, about one in 15 people aged ten years or older were in the grip of SARS COV-2 infection. The spread of infection was increased by 10 times between May and August 2020. ‘


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