70 Year Old Marries the 55-year-old Woman he met in a Hospital


The heart can never get old. People can fall in love at any point in life. Something similar happened to a couple in India.This story is from Bhira Kheri village in Madhya Pradesh. Here, an older man went to a hospital for his treatment. There, he met a woman. They both fell in love with and decided to spend their lives together.

70-year-old Omkar Singh was getting treatment at the district hospital. There he met 55-year-old Guddi Bai. They started talking to each other, and in just three days, both of them decided to get married.

Omkar Singh has four sons from his first marriage. His first wife died three years ago. Since then, he has been living a lonely life.

Omkar took Guddi to his house in auto Rickshaws and told his children that he wants to marry her. It was a surprise for his sons and daughters in law. However, the family, along with the entire village came together to organise their wedding.


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