125 Year Old Man Gets COVID Vaccine In Varanasi

Indians are enthusiastic about the COVID Vaccination drive. Meanwhile, the government still struggles with the short supply of Vaccines. Varanasi reported an incidence of people’s willingness to get the vaccine.

At an Urban Community Health Center in Varanasi, a 125 year old man arrived to get the vaccine. Shivanand Baba is considerably the world’s oldest person alive. He received the first dose of COVID Vaccine last Wednesday. Everyone is appreciating his passion to get the vaccine. Even the health workers called this an inspirational step.

When Baba Shivanand reached the Durgakund Urban Community Health Center and showed his ID, the health workers were surprised at first. His date of birth as mentioned on his ID is August 8, 1896.

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He is originally a resident of Srihatt district of Bengal. However, Baba Sivananda has been living in Kabirnagar Colony in Bhelupur, Varanasi for about 40 years. According to the health center employees, Baba also told that he does regular yoga in the morning. He eats food without oil and spices. Baba who lives alone is still healthy and has no disease.