100 Retired Bureaucrats Write Open Letter to PM Regarding PM Cares Fund


A group of 100 retired civil servants have written an open letter to PM Modi. In the letter, the bureaucrats have questioned the lack of transparency in PM Cares Fund. The letter seeks that the government must make the financial details of receipts and expenditures public.

Keeping in view the standards of public accountability, it is necessary to provide details of receipts and expenses. This will also rule out the possibility of any irregularity.

The former officials wrote, “We are closely monitoring the ongoing debate about PM-Cares or civil assistance in emergencies”. PM created the fund to help people affected by the Corona Pandemic. However, the government has not answered questions regarding the purpose for which they created the fund. They did not clarify the way in which they are implementing it.

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Hence it is necessary that the post and status of the Prime Minister be retained by ensuring complete transparency in all transactions related to the PM Cares Fund.

Former IAS officers Anita Agnihotri, SP Ambrose, Sharad Behar, Sajjad Hasan, Harsh Mander, P Joy Omen, Aruna Roy, former diplomats Madhu Bhaduri, KP Fabian, Deb Mukherjee, Sujata Singh and former IPS officers AS Dulat, PGJ Namboodri, Julio Ribeiro and others signed the letter.

The Central Government set up the PM Cares Fund in March last year with the objective of dealing with COVID-19 and any emergency and providing relief to the affected.


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