100 Pieces of Bullet Taken out from a Man’s Skull


In movies, we often see bullets fired from all directions. But something similar happened to a man in real life. The only difference was that there was only one bullet. But the bullet scattered into 100 pieces inside the brain. Thus taking out was a challenging task for the doctors. But, the doctor’s successfully removed the bullet from the man’s head.

The complex brain surgery happened successfully at Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. A 39-year-old man was shot in the head. He was on a ventilator due to rapid bleeding and difficulty in breathing. CT scan revealed multiple fractures with blood clots in the skull of the man. Most of the pieces of the bullet penetrated inside the cranium. If not removed in time, the patient could have died.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, corona test is done before any surgery. Surgery happens only if the report is negative. But realizing the seriousness of the case, doctors decided to go forward with the surgery without the test results. A close examination revealed that the bullet hit a strong bone of the head. After which it broke into several pieces inside the brain.
The doctors removed all the pieces in a five-hour-long successful surgery. Everyone, including the relatives of the patients congratulated the doctors for this unique and complex surgery.


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